Words can’t express how much Dancesteps Etc. means to Alyssa and I.Joan Kelly and Jamie Tisbert, you two are truly amazing in so many ways and have brought the “dance family” together! Yesterday at the recital I cried so many times…..tears of joy, sadness, and feeling of love all around. You don’t get that just anywhere! I can’t believe Alyssa only has 2 more years….it seems like yesterday she was on stage at the age of 4 for her first recital!! Thank you both so much for the dedication and love you put into not only the dances but into each student who attends!!!
— Heather Kneeland

Thank you to Miss Joan and Miss Jamie for teaching me. It was such a great year and awesome recital. See you in 2 weeks. Xoxo.
— Love Pressley Frazier
Congratulations to Miss Joan and Dancesteps Etc for 25 years of guiding children, through dance, to becoming self confident young adults. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your family dance together.
— Suzann Knight

Congratulations to Miss Joan Kelly on her 25th Anniversary of Dance! You, Miss Jamie Tisbert and the rest of your team created a very special show this year!! Erin and I were very proud to be a part of it. Everyone did an amazing job today

— Wendy & Erin Burns

My first dance recital in over ten years is complete. What a great year dancing with some wonderful (and hilarious) women and little ladies. Thank you Joan for not only taking me in but becoming a friend!

— Kate Walker

My Dearest Joan Kelly, From Loganann and I and Bill we want to say congratulations to 25 years of dance! This was the very best show we have had the pleasure to attend. The 4 years Logi has been with you have brought many joys and many tears to this heart of mine. The tears were that of joy to see what you and also Jamie have been able to instill in Loganann. Thank you seems so simple yet it is with all my heart that I say those words to you. Thank you so much for your support during the rough spell we had and your attendance to our family when we needed love to be present. Your heart felt wishes during that time will forever be cherished. I am looking forward to sharing my grand daughters future years with you and your dance company. We enjoy being a part of the gentle kind spirit you give to these children. Thanks always Joan and again Happy 25 years. See you soon. – The Zirngiebel’s

Miss Joan, Thanks for another fabulous recital !!! Hope you have a great summer  – Judy & Holly Mitchell

Dear Miss Joan & Miss Jamie, 2013 what an amazing year for your studio ! The show was a genuine exhibit of fine instruction, marvelous choreography and talented students. You should be proud!!!
“Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire” – “Robert Frost”
Thank you for allowing us to reveal our dreams Sincerely , 
– Erin & Wendy Burns

Dear Joan, Once again, you put on an excellent show. I think I’m getting better at smiling and counting at the same time. Maybe it will take me another 21 years. Thanks for being wonderful you.  – Love Donna May

THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!! You all rock! Awesome costumes, great presentation, Best dancers……. Kudos to Ms. Joan for all her hard work, a job well done! …  – Dixie Oropeza Flores-Thoroughgood

Dear Joan, Out Tap dance is awesome, Our Jazz Dance is awesome, And the Finale is going to be Great;. Just wanted you to know, I think you’re an awesome teacher.  – Donna May

Miss Joan Thank you Big Time !!! Thank you for a spectacular dance year !! With much love from your students and parents!! You Make Us Shine !!!

Dear Miss Joan and Miss Jamie, To dance is to be out of yourself, larger, more powerful, more beautiful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.

Thank you for an exciting year and for letting us take it!!! – Love Erin & Wendy Burns

Miss Joan I now this is a little late but thanks for a great- time once again at the recital. It was a great as usual xoxoxoxoxo  – Judy & Holly Mitchell

Dear Miss Joan Just want to say thank you for being such a fabulous teacher. Second Hand Rose was sooo good !!! Can’t wait to see what we do next !!  – Donna May

Dear Miss Joan I love everything you do in class, expecially when I’m having fun. You are the best teacher, you are #1. I love you because you teach us good that’s why I like you so much!! – Lilly Reeves

“The recital yesterday was AWESOME!!!! Great job by all the dancers! I can’t wait for next year!!”
— Heather Kneeland

“Good Job Ladies & Gentlemen!!! Great Show!”
— Kelly Pacheco

“Best dance studio ever!!! Dedicated, caring and knowledgeable instructors. A great place for children of all ages to learn dance and grow in so many ways. ” – Heather Young Kneeland

“i love it here! i have been dancing for 10 years and all 10 have been here! miss joan is a great teacher 🙂 ” – Callie Brochu

“wahooo for Dancesteps Etc facebook page! Both girls danced there from ages 3-18, and gave them not only dancing techniqe, but confidence, memories, and friendships that will last a lifetime! We miss our Dancesteps days!” – Beth Nickerson Christie

“Dancesteps and Ms. Joan the best ” – Carmen Irizarry Kosow

“Hey, I danced at the BEST DANCE SCHOOL EVER from 1994-2008! Those were the best years! I got a wonderful training and thank where I am now as well as my future career to Miss Joan Kelly! Dancers should be lucky to have such a talented technical teacher as her! Her students have respect for one another, a diverse background in dance, wonderful opportunities provided to them and a technical dance ba…ckground all because of her devoted time day in and day out in the studio. Weather it is cold, stormy or hot she will be there either crouched by the heater or the open window ready to play the music and run your dance one more time until you get that third rotation around or your hands to relax. Be glad that you have a dancing spirt and be glad you are at a place that only wants to make you the best you can be! I love you Miss Joan! “ – Jennah Knight

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